you've got a friend. ★
The cutest thing happened today, I got a text from a friend whom I haven't been in touch with for the longest time. She asked me to meet up with her. She was having trouble with a mutual friend who's drifting away from her. She was crying. ;w; I did my best to stop her from crying and give the best advices I could.

I was really touched that she chose to run to me at a time like this. It's a good feeling. I feel accomplished.

It's been a week since school started. New school, ugh irregular student. I feel so lame. I always have different sections for every subject. D: I feel like such a loser.

The workload's fine, I just miss panicking over undone assignments and everything. ;w;

Speaking of undone assignments, I have Trigonometry homework to do. I'll blog next time.

6 more days 'til someone turns a year older, ily. ♥

all you need is magic! ★

A fun day out with my Twinx. ♥

Was two hours late.

Blame that stupid enrollment.

I almost got lost.

We met up at Bubble Tea!!!!

Took pictures at The Block!

Tracy and Claudine was there too along with a Myojo Mag! (●´∀`●)/

I showed pictures of Hey! Say! JUMP to her.

She liked Kei!

Later on, Rin arrived! ☆

She didn't stay long, though.

Eden and I accompanied her to the MRT station! ♪

At Trinoma, we walked, talked, talked, window-shopped.

And eventually decided to go back to SM North.

We went to Blushing Cupcakes cafe.

Took a lot of pictures.

I'm definately taking my friends there some day.

Went home at 6:00PM. (=・ω・)/

Fun fun daaa~y! ♫

Okay, that's all!

Everyone, stay safe!

This has been Purikura Kakumei's Marchy! ☆彡

A tiny four-leaf clover ★

I haven't updated in ages. Sorry m(._.)m

So right now, I'm not happy.

I'm supposed to be happy.

I got my grades.

They're great.

Finally got to transfer schools.

I don't feel like talking about it anymore.

Stay safe, everyone! ♥