"The things school doesn't teach you." I was watching that episode earlier! It's really, really funny. I've been meaning to watch it since last summer! Goki Maeda is pure lalalalove. He looks like my RL crush. ♥ Speaking of RL crush, someone gave me a picture of him earlier. I'm so sorry I can't say who, it'll be so obvious.

Hello! I'm Marchy. ♥

I've been really vain the past days. Oh and btw, I'm sick. My throat hurts. This is so sad.

By the way, my friends and I are having a photoshoot at Eco Park on November 8. Feel free to stalk us! ♥ Follow me on twitter! koi no vacance, bby loves!

I've been cancelling out on Rin too much. I'll definately make up for it. Rin, I miss you!

keep right. ✩
I've been listening to Hey! Say! a lot lately. I pretty much have nothing to post orz I just wanted to update for the sake of updating.

Recently, I've been really interested in taking photographs of myself, streets and other people. I like taking photos and editing them while listening to random songs. It kinda serves as a theme for the photographs. I like using bright hues for the colors too!


Yes, I lack details, no need to remind me. The rest of the photos are here, the theme is: Hey! Say! ♥

Finals Examination Day 1 went well. |Dv

I miss Purikura, I might see them next week! So excited, I love them to tears. ♥

An open letter to my bestest friend. ♫
How are you? Lol, eventhough it's only been less than 24 hours since we last talked on the phone. I miss you. :( I know that during the past weeks I've acted like a raging bitch towards you. You still put up with me. By the way, I'm really sorry about what I did to you last Saturday. I just couldn't take it anymore. Thank you for always being there. I can't wait to see you again. You've always been so understanding and tolerant of everything I do. I can never thank you enough.

You never left me, no matter how cruel I was towards you. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm still deserving to be called your best friend. I'm really sorry. I've put you through so much. But still, here we are, bestest friends forever. You've supported me financially and in other ways more than the times I've helped you.

Thanks so much for always listening. Whenever I need to vent out and tell someone about my delusions, you're always there. Keeping my secrets, making me laugh and all. You're so awesome.

You may be wondering why I wrote this letter, err, blog. I just wanted to surprise you ♥


Your friend always,

seriously? ♪

...I want Yuto back in recomen.

→ I've been really busy with rl, but I do read your entries. ;w; I'm really sorry for not being able to respond to most of them. I'm doing my best, you guys. Please bear with me. And sorry for spamming your f-list guys.

→Yesterday, I bought 2 posters and an old issue of Potato. Potato May 2008, haha. I guess I won't be going out as much as I used to. Yuma's face was everywhere in the mag. YUMA. The posters were cute. I've had scans of them but asdfjkl they're shiny irl.

→ Speaking of Yuma, I listen to Radio Catch. For the lulz. Always plays Akuma na Koi. And in one, he played Tomorrow's Way. ♥ Just to be clear, I'm not sure if I like Yuma or not. I used to like him alot, but idk now.

→ Spent the day with Rin, just to get away from everything. Okay, not everything. It was fun, I showed her the stuff I bought yesterday and she showed me her Genie mini-album. We windowshopped. Ate cotton candy and Sambo. Rofl-ed at things. Looked for glasses *u* She bought us (Me, her and Miya) matching anklets. ♥ All in all, it was a fun day.

→ My favorite radioshow has been translated. I AM AMUSED.

→ Rofl, Shintaro Morimoto having his own single. Lucky boy is luckyyy.

Cross posting everywhere because I can.


shine on the world. ★
Stars are meant to be looked at, okay. Some people are really pushing it. >/ I don't really want to talk about it. I hope they realize what their doing is wrong and it's total invasion of privacy. >_>;

I didn't go to Rin's place last Tuesday. Mom called. Boo. :( But I'm going to the movies with her and Jhami on Friday, fff yes. *u* A year from now, I'll be watching Alice in Wonderland with Rin and a few other friends. Yes, I'm that positive that we will be friends forever.

Oh and look at what I found while looking for a decent picture of myself!

Sachi & Rin, I miss you two. ♥

I noticed I have a really, really shiny forehead. I miss Purikura Kakumei too. :'( We should hang out this sembreak, okay?

Incase you haven't noticed, new layout! ♥ I'll never let go of that sidebar. Chineeeeeeen!

By the way, Horikoshi 1D students named their dance group, Bri♡XILE. From Britney Spears & EXILE. This is so cute and amusing. I want fic. ;w;

K-k-k-kokoro. ★
Chinen's arm got bruised. I wasn't that worried, kk. I was worried, but not that much. He fell of the stage. What a klutz.

Poor creature. :( On a really random unrelated note, he changed his signature. ._. I notice the creepiest things. XD

Looks pretty serious.

Pictures are from Melonpan and Kamichan.

I've been to lazy and tired to go to school lately. ._. Too much stress. I sleep during late hours. Really, really late hours.

People who have my Y!M id. Stop teasing me about my Y!M display picture. >/ It doesn't mean anything. 8|

Sachi and I watched Shokura last night. I only liked the Hey! Say! 7 parts. Ryuu and Keito solo lines. ♥ Chinen was so cute. Nothing beats watching Shokura on tv while talking to a friend on the phone. You guys should try it some time.

Rin and I were talking on the phone earlier, we were in the middle of something important and Chinen suddenly shouted "Bonjourno!" (lol, it's my Y!M alert), Rin was like "Hi Chinen! How's your arm?" Cuuuute. |Dv

Nakaken's comm has been kinda active recently. It's because of his drama. His acting was superb! I cried, kk. I can't wait for the subbed version! Yamada Yuu's voice is so amazing!

I still need to get my essay printed. ._.

Gonna go to Rin's house tomorrow!

Love, love, love and peace. ♥

Oh the things I do when I'm bored.

I spent my day translating random 1D students' blogs. Most of them talked about that recent sports festival that they had. The most amusing fact is uh, they danced Britney Spears' If You Seek Amy. Lolololol.

My classmates went here to finish our project. Oh god, good thing I'm done. I can focus on other things for now. Like my essays and other things. I'm glad to know they had so much fun here. They kept on complementing us, our house, my mom and everything. o/

I haven't been to school in 2 days. :( I'll do that essay now. ♥

i fell fell fell fallen for you. |Dv
Currently, all the songs on my playlist are Kpop songs~ ♥

Today, I spent my day with Mae, Rin and Pepei, we raided Rin's room. *u*

We pretty much just bummed around, flailed over mags and ate donuts (Rin's treat) and Pringles. Mmmmm cheese!

Despite the rain, it was fun going back and forth from Gateway to Rin's house and vice versa!

PEPEEEEEEEEEI WAS CHO CUTE. Though she was taller than me and Rin. Pepei is only 16, Rin and I are... older. But we're chibi-er! Pepei was so moe. XD


"Ahhh~ so there are more than 48 members of AKB48!" - Marchy.

Marchy thinking to herself: Chinen-kun needs more pages! o/

Lol, Marchy overjoyed while holding Chinen's picture. I look so retarded. |Dv


Rin & Ryuutaro. They're sibs, you guys.

I take good pictures!

The rest of the pictures can be found here. Enjoy, stalkers!

You can see I had so much fun. 'Til next time, you guys. I have homework to do. XD

Hello Hello I'll talk to you first ♫
Ranted a few things out on Rin. XD I feel so much better now. ILY RIN, you're the best. ♥ It's really nice to know that I can tell Rin anything without her thinking that I'm such a shallow little brat. |Dv I'd talk to you (reader-san) about it but lol, idk how.

Report on Japanese Pop Culture went well. Teacher was impressed. I brought my Ultra Music Power and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy singles to school as examples. ♥ I used Sensei wa Erai and Scrap Teacher as examples too! Oh god, I'm such a weaboo. Good thing I didn't do the report while wearing my JUMP shirt. XD

I did community service today! I painted walls of a covered court/health center! It was fun. Instead of the court, it was I who got covered in paint! |Dv

I've decided I'm getting Potato November 2009. I wasn't THAT impressed by the scans but it's full of Chinen, so I'm definitely buyiiiing~ ♥ I'm also getting an NYC Boys RE. |Dv

And last but not least, Class 1-D got third ranking in Athletic Festival in Horikoshi~ I bet Husband-kun. Chinen has something to do with it.

Dial up, I thank you for number. ♪
Sachi and I watched Shounen Club on NHK last night. Yes, on actual television. o/

I was frolicking because it was already 9 o'clock and Sachi wasn't home yet. She got home just in time for the opening medley. We were screaming ang spazzing. Lol, stfu it was Yamachii, kk. We talked about random things during the Kis-My-Ft 2 and Butoukan parts. :/


These are my favorite parts.
NYC Talk Part. ♥
I didn't understand anything, except for one part. The part where Chinen said 僕も愛がありますよ! (I also love someone!) and when Koyama asked him to tell everyone who it was, he answered: やっぱり あの~, 大野くんの愛ですよ! Pfft. He should stop saying yappari. :|

Jr Furige Battle! ♥ Chinen's 5-6 step was so cuuuute~ ♥ Hasshi is lame, yes he is. |Dv Sachi and I kept on saying "Chinen is so cute!" the whole time. Yamada obviously let Chinen win.

The part where Chii was fixing his clothes were to die for. ♥ AND YAMADA ASDGFJKL HIS VOICE OH GOD, YAMADA'S VOICE. He's still "the voice", lol. Nakaken, I had to point this out, sorry. His hair is similar to Chinen's Ookikunare Boku!Hair. |Dv Yugo and Hokku duet! I didn't notice yesterday, but omfg, it was so adorable!

...no. I didn't like Junior Ni Q. DX

I'll be dubbing You & You. Just because. ♥

Report on Japanese Pop Culture tomorrow. DNW. D| Anyway, I'm tired. Will blog again tomorrow. Bai.

Good morning! ☆ I'm still really, really sleepy. Currently eating breakfast infront of the computer.

I finally know what I want for Christmas, lol. I want a folder or whatever this is.

Photos are from Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Classes resume on Monday. DNW. I haven't studied. Not that we'll be having quizzes and whatnot. But I don't like going to school unprepared. Oh well. Whatever.

I locked my old posts in LJ. D: Some of them were just plain creepy.I stumbled upon this post, lol Yuto. Oh god I was so n0obish. :/ I didn't even know what jailbait meant during that time. Good thing I moved on from that phase of my fangirling life. |Dv

Chiitaro on the radioshow next week. Joy. :/

Will blog later, sister's telling me to gtfo the comp already. :(

Award of some sort? ★
So there's this blog awarding thing that's been going on. Rin tagged me so here.

First of all, state 5 interesting facts about the person awards you:
☆ RIN is a member of Purikura, she is a superstar, shining star, superstar. ♥
☆ she's very, very talented.
☆ she will never give up and trusts in her true heart~ Hajimaru saaa~
☆ she likes someone. But refuses to admit it. at times.
☆ she lives near a mall where we hang out most of the time.

Next, state 10 facts about yourself
知 I have a really long name, so I prefer you guys call me Marchy.
知 I'm a trouble maker. :Dv
知 I could be your bestfriend or your mortal enemy? 8D
知 I'm really bad at first impressions. |Dv Like, with my friends now. I used to hate them alot.
知 The person whom I like who's not in Hey! Say! JUMP is Nakajima Kento. LIKE PEOPLE, LIKEEE.
知 I like rapping. XDD
知 I love Purikura Kakumei, Ichigo Kinenbi and it's affiliates with a burning passion.
知 I love love love love love love love love love Chinen Yuuri of Hey! Say! JUMP.
知 I am on Plurk most of the time. XD
知 I list Kawashima Umika, Momoko Tsugunaga and Leah Dizon as my idols.

the people who receive this award aaaaare: (describe each!)
★ Rin
- though she already received this award. I love her to bits. ♥
★ Sachi
- She is the Yuuri to my Ryosuke, the Yuuri to my Satoshi and the Ryosuke to my Kento. She's made of awesome.
★ Melonpan - with her by my side, I can never lose. Never gonna lose you!
★ Korina - How can Korina not get an award for blogging, y/y?
Janine - Best friend foreverrrr. *u*
Oi-oi-in-law!Kang - Because her voice is amazing. She is bloody brilliant!

You, you, you and love. You and you. Uchuu wo sama you zen tou you, You! You! You!

Stop haunting me, please. ★
It's really rare for me to post something about irl. But asdfjkl here goes.

Last night, I dreamt of someone from my past, the first one. Idk why, but I don't even care about him anymore. The dream was about him saying that he's been waiting for me, lol. And he wants me back. Lol, idek. I checked his FS account and lol, he's single? AHAHAHA what is this. I am so amused.

And this morning, I received a text message from my another guy in my past, the 3rd one. :/ He was asking if I was still alive. IHUSSM. D| I think he's finally moved on o/ Good for him. He was too geeky for my life anyway.

I re-read old entries of my livejournal lol Marchy so noobish. ♥ B-but hey, at least, I moved past that phase.

I think our wireless phone extention is broken. ._.