Brain dance. ♥
Recently, I was given the opportunity to have a duet to with my most favorite fandubbing idol of all time. ♥

Please listen to it.

Rin did so great, right? ♥

I messed up my rap. D: /hates self forever lol kidding. Despite that, I've been praying for positive feedback.

I've been listening to La chA tA for about an hour now. |Dv

Don't stop groovin' ♫
You're here.

It's either you're stalking me or I coerced you to visit my blog. ★☆

Either way, hello and thanks so much for paying me a visit! (*≧∇≦)ノ

The sky is sad.

And it is crying.

I don't like it when it rains.

I miss school.

Okay that's all~ Bye! (・∀・)

This has been Purikura Kakumei's Marchy! ~(*´`)!!

Well that was stupid. Anyway, my brother is watching My Sassy Girl. The Hollywood version and the guy said, "There's a fine line between being romantic and delusional." but how would you know if you've already crossed that line?

On other news, Chinen and Ohno's going to have a special crosstalk on Potato November. Lucky boy. ♥

So I guess, I have a blogspot. Great.